Educational travel

Educational travel

True learning is based on personal experiences. Knowledge is important but even more important is to experience things and realize them through feelings. In our camp schools we want to offer authentic experiences from the countryside as well as participate in developing rustic environmental education. Nowadays many people living in cities and towns have no contact to the countryside and this is where camp schools in the country become more important than ever. Just feeding and cuddling farm animals or grabbing fish and crayfish in your hand are great experiences that live on in stories that are told over and over again at home.


Iloranta is a ”Learning in the countryside”-audited camp school destination from as early as 1980. 


During the winter camp school, if the weather allows, the number one favourite activity is going down the hill on a sled. Or try ice hockey, curling, snowshoeing,  baking rye bread, fishing trips, experiences in the forest, winter swimming, taking a smoke sauna. Doing these activities together builds group spirit and brings new energy for schoolwork when you get back home.



Diving into Finnish nature, culture, history and educational system

A week’s trip to an old Finnish farm-house, fully modernized for arranging school camps of up to 100 guests simultaneously. During the week you have several visits to local schools and university, shedding light on the Finnish educational system but also offering active opportunities for discussions and getting to know local students.
All the program details aim to create learning opportunities on Finnish nature, history, culture and educational system. Daily hands-on activities “live like a local” (e.g. Woodcrafts on the forest, baking rye bread, fishing, cray-fishing, spinning lambswool) deepen your understanding of Finnish nature, history and culture and provide insights into the background of cultural differences.
There is also the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the traces of ice age in the nearby forest nature and to compare the temperature changes across ice age to the ongoing climate change.

This Educational Travel product were awarded by Visit Finland as an Authentic Educational Travel Product!




Countryside resort Iloranta

Iloranta on hyvä paikka