Sauna world


Sauna is an essential element of the Finnish lifestyle and well-being, and it is that to Iloranta as well. 

Iloranta boasts not one, but five different saunas. Experience the soft warmth and darkness of the smoke sauna, enjoy the traditional wood fired sauna, take a dip into the lake Iso-Roine, in the winter through an ice hole. There’s really nothing quite like it!


The gorgeous, family-friendly beach is only 350 meters from the main building. There is also a smoke sauna and a continuously heated wood burning sauna, which, along with its showers, can also be used in the winter. In the winter, you can take a refreshing dip in a hole in the ice, and in the summer there are the waves of lake Iso-Roine to invigorate your body and soul. The smoke sauna is the king of saunas – it is definitely worth experiencing! No smoke in the sauna at the time of bathing, though! Taking a sauna is at its best when you can dive into the refreshing lake straight from the warm sauna. The clean, clear water of lake Iso-Roine and the amazing natural, white-sanded beach complete the experience. In the Lysti building, near the main building, there are showers, an electric sauna and an infrared sauna.

Countryside resort Iloranta

Iloranta on hyvä paikka