Guided forest baths

The old farmhouse is surrounded by diverse nature. Pineforest, groves, gorgeus spruce forests and the swamp of Syöliö are magnificent places to discover the secrets of the peaceful forest. The healing effect of forest are miraculous!

In the forest of Iloranta you can experience magical forest of Finland. In the track you get to know the finnish forest culture over the ages and you maybe even get to see some of the forest animals! The trip will end under the old pine with the campfire coffee and stick bun.

Most of the forests in the area are coniferous forest with spruces, pines.From the deciduous forest are birchs, aspens and small-leaved limes but there also can be found some metsälehmus.

In the area of Iloranta can be found many species of trees: birchs, pines, spruces, small-leaves limes, maples, black alders, rowans, alders, bird cherries, silver birchs, crack willows and oaks.

Nature track

Discover the treasures of the Häme forest. The nature trail of Iloranta leads via Mäyräkallio (Badger cliff), nearby the Swamp of Syöliö along the marshland to the cliff of Kotivuori (Home mountain) and through the wildnut grove to the old wicket. The tales of the animals, trees and ecology of the forest opens it up to being almost touchable by hand.
The trip will end to the wicket under the hundreds of years old pine. Campfire coffee with a self-baked bun on a stick tops this magnificent experience.
The nature trail is 3,5 km. You can go the trail by yourself or with the guide.

Countryside resort Iloranta

Iloranta on hyvä paikka