Sustainable travel

Sustainability is close to our hearts in Iloranta.
We want future generations to be able to enjoy Iloranta holidays, too!

In Iloranta, we are committed to working in accordance with the Sustainable Travel Finland programme that provides us and our guests sustainable travel practices for everyday life.

We take care of our guests’ wellbeing by offering them clean and healthy meals from local and natural ingredients, all prepared in Iloranta’s own kitchen. We are proud of being able to tell them the exact origin of our food. The funnel chanterelles have been picked next to Mäyränkallio, the milk-caps in our mushroom salad from Ruokovuori. The moose has been hunted at Kalkkivuori and the Jerusalem artichokes grow in the herb gardens of Satoranta.
The flavours of the potatoes come from the sandy soils of Tuittula and the strawberries from the fields of Kyllönjoki. Read more about our food products.

We promote the wellbeing of local and nearby areas by employing as many local people as we can. We also give work to many entrepreneurs in the area.

Our activities are respectful of equal rights and hospitability, we welcome all guests and take into consideration their particular needs, for example providing for different dietary restrictions is part of everyday life for our kitchen staff.


ECEAT Finland (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism) has given Iloranta a certificate for ecological and cultural sustainability. Throughout their existence, Iloranta has been taking care of their environment and aimed to always use local services and employ local staff. By doing this, Iloranta has also done their part in keeping up the vitality of the local community. The determined work for developing sustainable travel, started in 2014, has now paid off, Iloranta received their first certificate from ECEAT ry and will continue on the same path aiming to attain Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland certificate by the end of the year 2021.

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